About Poultry Pharm

The Poultry Pharm range is a comprehensive selection of supplementary products developed by poultry nutritionists and experienced poultry vets who work with the products day in, day out. Therefore, the aim of the range was to select or develop products that have been successfully tried and tested in the field and enable the customer to use a proactive and targeted approach to enhance productivity.

To optimise production on a broiler, layer or game site, requires careful and informed management decisions. Key performance indicators and economic factors, combined with bird health and welfare need to be considered. The move towards a core reduction in the use of antimicrobials highlights the need to be proactive with management practices and to pre-empt potential disease challenges.

The range covers a number of areas:

  • Acids and Water Sanitisers
  • Competitive Exclusion
  • Essential Oils
  • Dehydration and risk of heat stress
  • Microbiome Management
  • Nutraceuticals

Our manufacturers have been carefully selected due to the quality of their products and their efficacy in the field. Additionally, their attention to innovate and continuously improve the products is a key driver to why these products are featured for their specific uses. If you have questions regarding the products or would like to discuss a treatment plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.