Microbiome Management: In Feed

Probiotics are a wide category of bacteria which work in a number of different ways in animals. Due to recent research in both animals and humans, we now have a better understanding of their interaction with the microbiome. Some probiotics stimulate the animal’s immune system, whilst others act by helping the development of the gut environment and hence leading to the multiplication of other bacteria we wish to promote. Probiotic bacteria might compete with unwanted bacteria for sites on the intestinal wall and can also produce chemicals which have a damaging affect on other bacteria. There is a complex interaction between the gut flora and the host cells so it is clear that it is essential to choose the most appropriate bacterial probiotic for the animal species and depending on a range of other factors. Poultry Pharm provides a range of probiotics from different manufacturers, aiming to offer the best probiotic at the best price. Probiotics are one component of a complete range of solutions and protocols to replace the routine use of antibiotics.

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