• Aqua-clean®


  • Brand: Kanters
  • Product Code: Aqua-clean

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Aqua-clean® is a drinking system cleaner and disinfectant. Based on stabilised hydrogen peroxide. Registered according to the EU biocides directive.

What to expect:

  • Cleans and disinfects the entire drinking water system.
  • Prevents deposits and build-up of organic material (biofilm) which are a breeding ground for bacteria and moulds.
  • Optimises efficacy of vaccinations, medication and additives.
  • Environmental friendly; degrades in water and oxygen.
  • Safe for equipment and animals.

When to use:

  • Removal of biofilm from drinker lines. 
  • Routine clean out of drinker lines between production cycles.
  • With leaking drinking nipples.
  • Before and after vaccination and medication.
  • After the use of vitamins or other additives.

Mode of action

Aqua-clean® is based on hydrogen peroxide enriched with a special complex containing silver. This combination suits the heavy cleaning needs of farm drinking systems. When Aqua-clean® meets dirt in the system, it will be activated and bubbles of oxygen will brush dirt away. This effervescent reaction of oxygen with organic pollution needs to be a slow but very strong process, as otherwise contamination will remain in the system. Aqua-clean® is specially designed to clean out all persistent contamination and is the most powerful in its kind.

For game birds:

  • Removal of biofilm from drinker lines, whether it be 9ml pipe or blue alkathene pipe. 
  • Routine clean out of drinker lines once a week, and at higher levels at the start of the season. 
  • With leaking or blocked drinking nipples/bell drinkers. 
  • Before and after medication.
  • After the use of vitamins or other additives such as Ultimate Acid.
  • Used in header tanks and release pen water systems. 

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