• RepaXOL


  • Brand: Kemin
  • Product Code: RepaXOL

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RepaXOL is a protected essential oil blend containing high levels of carvacrol, citrus oils, capsicum, cinnamaldehyde and additional plant extracts. This is present in other blends but we also sell it in its neat form specifically for when intestinal protozoa are present such as Blackhead.  


Use from the start if there is a known problem on the site with historical Blackhead issues or at a higher level when an outbreak develops. As there are no licensed products for the treatment of Blackhead, essential oils has historically been used as an aid to the control of clinical signs and the general improvement in gut health.

Use 100g-300g per tonne of feed. 

Encapsulated Range 

All of the essential oil range are specifically formulated to contain synergistic ingredients to promote good gut health and create a more acidogenic gut environment. This is the aim for all gut health products as this will increase nutrient digestion, provide more short chain fatty acids for proper gut cell health and an alternative energy supply for the bird.  The lower pH will discourage the growth of harmful bacteria such as clostridia perfringens, salmonella and E. coli, which is an obvious benefit to bird health.

All of the in-feed premixes are encapsulated, not only to make it safe to handle but to make all of the ingredients available to all parts of the intestine.  Without encapsulation technology most of the ingredients will only be available in the most upper part of the intestinal tract. The added bonus that all the ingredients become heat stable and will not change their efficiency with the pelleting and heating process associated with feed production. .  

If you would like to discuss the use and cost of this premix, please contact us today. We are also happy to liaise with your feed mill. Please note that in order to obtain any current discounts on this product, payment must be taken over the phone when ordering.