There are many manufacturers of vitamins, minerals and other nutraceuticals, and for many years these products have been sold mainly on price. As in many other areas, price is not always related to quality and we have spent some years looking and working with the wide range of products in the market. Our products are manufactured by Provimi, part of the Cargill group, and have been designed as a high quality product.  Each product has been formulated with added essential oils and supplements to complement the core product.

As an example, our multivitamin has added natural antioxidants to help support performance and health in broilers, layers and game birds. Intensive production can generate metabolic and physiological stress, increasing the production of damaging cell reactive free radicals. To help ensure valuable nutrients are utilised for growth, the product contains anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals.

Similarly, Energy Plus has been formulated and rather than just carnitine, it has a wide range of other ingredients such as sorbitol, plant extracts, L carnitine, choline, betaine and selected amino acids and B vitamins. 

Chickstart Plus is a product that we originally designed, though is now upgraded to include sorbitol, medium chain fatty acids, soluble prebiotics, omega 3 and 6, vitamin E, selenium and natural grape oils. The aim is to encourage feeding and drinking early on, to boost the immune system and develop optimal gut health.

Energy Plus is provided to reduce weakness and aid early feed intake. As well as Multivit Plus, we have added antioxidants to neutralise free radicals. Grape is included to assist in the utilisation of nutrients. 

All of our nutraceuticals have these extra added ingredients, and are designed by vets and nutritionists and manufactured to high quality levels.

Amino Plus
Chick Start Plus
Energy Plus
Heat Stress Plus
Multivit Plus
Rapid D Plus
Solulyte Plus
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