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There is a lot of confusion on the subject of probiotics and many different claims. Most probiotics are single species of bacteria whereas the competitive exclusion products such as Aviguard are multiple species designed to colonise the intestines. Probiotics often do not colonise and have a short life in the bird. Their role is to help set up the intestinal environment which will encourage a normal gut bacterial flora to develop. Most probiotics are lactobacillus types and produce lactic acid. 

ZooLac+ is the water soluble version of ZooLac Feedgrade.  

ZooLac contains a special strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus. ZooLac is a novel bacterial product which acts as a protective coating on the newly emerging enterocytes and blocks the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria. If the bacteria cannot adhere, they cannot colonise the gut.  Because of its method of production, it is classed as a feed ingredient and has a European wide licence so can be used in any species without the need for specific medical or nutrient certification.  It is also unaffected by heat, acids, disinfectants in the water and acids in the feed so can be combined with any other product and is particularly useful combined with Biacton.

ZooLac has several mechanisms of action:

  • Inhibition of intestinal adhesion by pathogenic bacteria – ZooLac prevents pathogens from adhering to the intestine and from multiplying faster.
  • Immune stimulating action – by increasing local levels of antibodies, ZooLac enhances the intestinal immune barrier.
  • Stimulation of the intestinal immune defense system – strong stimulation of the intestinal flora increases acid production, which improves digestibility and feed efficiency.

Product usage: 

30g per 1000 litres of drinking water