Poultry Pharm

The Poultry Pharm range is a comprehensive range of supplementary products, enabling you to use a proactive and targeted approach to support productivity. To optimise production on a broiler, layer or game site requires careful and informed management decisions. The move towards a core reduction in the use of antimicrobials highlights the need to be proactive with management practices and to pre-empt potential disease challenges. The Poultry Pharm range helps to provide specific supportive therapy at times of stress, peak growth, challenge and recovery. This approach benefits birds and margins through these difficult phases.

Poultry Pharm has been designed to provide vital beneficial nutrients during cases of:

  • Reduced feed intake;
  • Poor bone structure, particularly legs;
  • Poor shell quality;
  • Dehydration and risk of heat stress;
  • Poor chick start;
  • Nutritional imbalance;
  • Pecking.

Each Poultry Pharm product has been developed by nutritionists and poultry vets and have been used extensively in the field. Their combined nutritional and scientific expertise has resulted in this unique pharmaceutical range.  

50 Week Plus
Amino Plus
Chick Start Plus
Energy Plus
Heat Stress Plus OUT OF STOCK
Multivit Plus
Rapid D Plus
Solulyte Plus - OUT OF STOCK
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